“Viking Hiking” for Norwegian Airlines “N” Magazine.
I travelled to Oppdahl, Norway for Norwegian Airlines to photograph
an extreme viking re-enactment society. I spent 3 days with the group
as they trekked through the wilderness, carrying items and food only
available during viking times.

“FRONTIER FOOD” for Norwegian Airlines “N” Magazine.
I was sent to Svalbard by Norwegian Airlines Magazine to make a series on its high end food scene.
I documented the desolate landscapes, logistical operations and the preservation techniques used
by the chefs to create highly acclaimed dishes in one of the most hostile places on earth. 
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“PORTRAIT FEATURE for “Klassekampen Newspaper”
A portrait of activist Sumaya Jirde Ali commissioned
by the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen.
“VETA LA PALMA” for Norwegian Airlines “N” Magazine
I travelled to the Andalusia region of Spain with editor
Sarah Warwick to photograph this world leading fish breeding centre.
“KLIPPFISK” for Norwegian Airlines “N” Magazine
I was sent to the Ålesund, Norway to document the trading
relationship between Norway and Portugal though the classic
dish Bacalao, which contains the dried fish called Klippfisk.

Drake's Folly featured in the first issue of Pample-Mousse Magazine. Published in December 2016.

Drake's Folly published in Lobby Magazines "Abundance Issue" in July 2016.

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