Dan is a British photographer based in Northern Norway. He studied documentary photography at the Magnum affiliated Newport University in South Wales. His main photographic interest lies in anthropology. Within that, he seeks out themes that explore how humans interact with their surroundings and how modern infrastructure and ideology coexists with the natural world. 

Dan’s approach to the photographic process sees him working on lengthy research based projects, analysing a story in full before committing to the image making process. He is currently working as a freelance photographer, splitting his time between working on commissioned editorial work and developing his documentary practice. 


05/08/17 - Commissioned portrait series of Sumaya Jirde Ali for Klassekampen newspaper, Norway

01/04/17 - Commissioned series on "Klippfisk" published in Norwegian Airlines Magazine.

14/01/17 - Commissioned series on "Sustainable fish farming" published in Norwegian Airlines Magazine.

12/01/17 - Published by Subjectively Objective as part of the People Book.

12/01/17 - Published by Subjectively Objective as part of the Landscape Book.

24/11/16 - Drake's Folly published in Pample-Mousse magazine

20/04/16 - Drake's Folly published in LOBBY Magazine issue III "Abundance" - ISSN: 2056-2977

26/03/15 - Drake's Folly Photo Book - Published by YONA Editions - ISBN: 978-82-999927-0-1


27/09/2016 - Awarded the project grant from the Norsk Fotografisk Fond 2016.

07/12/2015 - Selected for the Photoworks Portfolio Walk at The Jerwood Space.

30/07/2014 - Shortlisted for the TPA/RPS Environmental Awareness Bursary 2014.

29/04/2014 - Shortlisted for the Atkins Environmental Photographer of the Year.


26/06/2017 - "Beneath the Salt" Exhibition at Stormen, Bodø, Northern. Norway

22/04/2017 - "Beneath the Salt" Exhibition at the Kulturebadet, Sandnessjøen, Northern Norway

14/01/2017 - Drake's Folly exhibited as part of the annual travelling Nordnorsken showcase, Bodø, Norway.

04/6/2016 - Oftheafternoon - Issue 7 launch & exhibition at Doomed Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

26/4/2015 - Drake's Folly Book launch & exhibition at ThePrintSpace Studios, Shoreditch, London.

06/6/2014 - Atkins Environmental photographer of the Year at The Royal Geographical society, London.

08/3/2014 - Espy Photographic Award show. Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales.




Selected features

31/10/2017 - "Drake's Folly" Featured by Velvet Eyes Magazine (FR)

06/05/2017 - Featured as part of Fiiiirst.com photographer discussion (CA)

25/04/2017 - Foreword written for issue two of Chrono Collective Magazine (UK)

25/04/2017 - "Drake's Folly" Featured by Archive Collective Magazine (US)

20/10/2016 - Interviewed and featured by Ofthelandandus (UK)

14/10/2016 - Interviewed by METAL Magazine. (UK)

02/09/2016 - Series "Drake's Folly" Featured on iGNANT (DE)

26/08/2016 - Interviewed by PHOTOGRAD (UK)

08/06/2016 - Series "High Rise Honey" published by The Spaces Magazine.

17/05/2016 - Interviewed by SEEDMONOGRAPH. (UK)

29/04/2016 - Thisispaper - Drake's Folly online feature. (UK)

21/04/2016 - Selected works featured by Formagramma. (IT)

01/04/2016 - Drake's Folly featured by Aint-Bad Magazine. (US)

24/03/2016 - Featured article on Drake's Folly by GUP Magazine. (NL)

21/03/2016 - Drake's Folly featured by Another Place Magazine. (UK)

02/03/2016 - Series Showcase on Drake's Folly by Photoworks. (UK)

18/02/2016 - Selected by The Culture Trip as a featured Instagram contributor.

15/02/2016 - Drake's Folly featured on Splash and Grab Magazine. (UK)

31/01/2016 - Drake's Folly featured by Wandering Bears (US)

25/01/2016 - Editorial on Drake's Folly by YET-Magazine. (IT)

20/01/2016 - Drake's Folly featured by Subjectively Objective (US)

21/08/2016 - Drake's Folly showcase through Instagram Takeover of ThePrintSpace.


05/02/2017 - 16 day photobook workshop tour of Narvik, Norway. Commissioned by Arts Council Norway to teach "The photograph as narrative" to middle school children.

22/06/2016 - "Photo book Workshop" - Festspillene Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway.

30/10/2015 - "Photography and the Landscape " Drake's Folly case study lecture at Roehampton University, London.

27/06/2015 - "Planning a Photographic Project" with Marianne Bjornmyr at Bodø media centre, Norway.

20/01/2015 - "Producing a Photo book" with Marianne Bjornmyr at Roehampton University, London.